Free E-Mail Campaign Manager

MailChimp LogoWhat tool do you use to manage your e-newsletters? I used to recommend Constant Contact as a great, free E-Mail Campaign Manager.  In fact it still is a great tool.  The problem is:  it’s not free anymore.  If you have a lot of email addresses (say, more than 2000), then it may still be your best option.  It has great features and is very easy to use.

But in the category of good FREE tools, nothing I’ve tried beats  MailChimp is free for up-to 2000 addresses.  After that, you have to upgrade to a paid-account.

Check ‘em out.  I will be updating my 60-Minute Website For Speakers and Authors booklet to include the use of MailChimp.  I am using MailChimp to prepare my up-coming July GigFolder Newsletter.  So far, it has been a great experience.  I’ll let you know if anything goes haywire after I send out the newsletter.

And besides, you can always switch to Constant Contact if your situation changes.

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