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GigFolder Working Again

GigFolder is now fully functional. It took a bit of time after “The Great Update of 2014″. Thank you for your patience!  To reward those who wait, here are a few new goodies: Events now have a specific time associated … Continue reading

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Free E-Mail Campaign Manager

What tool do you use to manage your e-newsletters? I used to recommend Constant Contact as a great, free E-Mail Campaign Manager.  In fact it still is a great tool.  The problem is:  it’s not free anymore.  If you have … Continue reading

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GigFolder… now with easier image uploads

The most effective websites tend to have a generous amount of images on them. No one wants to be confronted with huge blocks of text, with minimal formatting and no images. To help make creating these enticing environments easier, GigFolder … Continue reading

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Worksheet Improvements

I want to let you know about a simple, but hopefully effective enhancement to the worksheet functionality. Now when you create a new event, the last worksheet from that same client will be copied forward into the worksheet for the … Continue reading

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New GigFolder features: registration links and product options

I’ve been preparing the new-and-improved GigFolder WordPress plugin.  More on that when it is ready.  But in preparation, I’ve added two new features that you might find helpful. First, your events can now have an optional registration link. This link … Continue reading

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Lost in a sea of To-Do’s?

I’m a firm believer in “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Apparently, that is equivalent to a declaration that “I believe in the tooth fairy”.  Not that David’s book isn’t real.  It is.  It’s great. I love it!  But it … Continue reading

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Those Pesky Value Statements (my experience with GigFolder’s Facelift)

The story goes that the cobbler’s family has no shoes.  And I guess that is true with GigFolder. I’ve been trying to encourage people to improve their websites. I’ve been talking “SEO” (that’s “Search Engine Optimization” — basically getting found … Continue reading

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We Have a Winner!

Congratulations Kimberly! You are the winner from the first GigFolder newsletter give-away contest. You have won a copy of Kathi Lipp’s book “8 Steps to a More Bankable Book Table“. Everyone be sure to watch for other great give-away’s on … Continue reading

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Handling Sales Tax Without Pulling Your Hair Out

I am at an age where pulling my hair out is a very bad idea! I just don’t have that much to go around. So how do I handle Sales Tax without going crazy? Again. It’s an easy thing to … Continue reading

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Publishing a File to the Web — The Easy Way

Let’s face it, there are just some chores that nobody wants to do: scrubbing the shower organizing the garage cleaning out the cat box these are just a few that come immediately to mind. I can’t help you with any … Continue reading

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